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GIGABYTE Gaming Monitors

If you take your gaming seriously, you’ve probably invested a lot in high-end processors, graphics cards, powerful laptops, and many other types of hardware to make your gaming experience more competitive. If you haven’t added a great monitor yet, you’re not seeing everything that powerful hardware and peripherals deliver — so it pays to have the best screen in front of you. 

That’s where the new line of OLED gaming monitors from GIGABYTE comes into play (literally), with a variety of new options for gamers, creators, and anyone else who wants to make the most of every pixel possible. 

Clarity, quality, and special OLED Care

GIGABYTE Gaming Monitor on computer-generated background


These new monitor options from GIGABYTE and AORUS range from 27 to 49 inches and are available in flat and curved screens. Refresh rates top out at an impressive 360 Hz with a speedy 0.03ms GtG response time for super-responsive gameplay. These QD-OLED panels also deliver industry-best clarity and are certified at a ClearMR 13000 level by VESA.  

An investment like this deserves to be taken care of, which is why GIGABYTE loaded these screens up with their OLED Care package. AI-based solutions like Static Control automatically detect if the screen is idle and drop the brightness automatically to prevent burn-in. The Pixel Clean function automatically refreshes pixels after a set time of usage. These monitors can even dim specific portions of the screen (like a taskbar, logo, or other fixed graphic), protecting against burn-in and extending the screen’s lifespan when you don’t even realize it.

Add tactics to your graphics

Man Using GIGABYTE Gaming Monitor


All the new GIGABYTE and AORUS monitors are also packed with gaming-friendly tactical features for a little something extra that your competition wishes they had. GIGABYTE’s Black Equalizer keeps dark areas clear without compromising the brighter sections. Game Assist allows you to toggle on a customizable crosshair, add a counter and a timer to the display, and even add multi-screen alignment lines if you’re working with a big multi-panel setup. 

Plus, the OSD Sidekick utility lets you control monitor functions with your mouse and keyboard — not by fumbling around for buttons on the back of the display. 

If your gaming preferences skew toward first-person shooters (FPS), you can opt for one of the FPS-specific monitors that come with nice extras to enhance your gameplay, like the AORUS FO32U2. The Resolution Switch allows you to pop the monitor to a 24-inch 1080p resolution with one click, ensuring that your enemies aren’t sneaking around in your peripheral vision. Night Vision also kicks in when your surroundings get darker, allowing the screen to bring out extra details in dark areas without over-brightening the rest of the display. 

Great views for all kinds of uses

All of this brings us to GIGABYTE’s new flagship display: the AORUS FO32U2P. This 2024 Red Dot-awarded 32-inch 4K flat-panel monitor is the world’s first DP 2.1 tactical gaming monitor that delivers 80 Gbps of bandwidth, allowing for uncompressed 4K resolution at 240Hz. (That’s almost double what an HDMI 2.1 input can handle.) Thanks to the DisplayPort IO usage, this model lets you daisy-chain together multiple displays for large or surround-style viewscapes.

Extra-wide GIGABYTE Gaming Monitor on Computer-Generated Background

Credit: GIGABYTE Gaming Monitor

Not all of these new monitors are spec’d out just for gameplay. If you need more space to spread your windows around, the massive 49-inch Ultrawide (32:9) CO49DQ delivers tons of real estate while also making it easier for your eyes with its curved design. If that’s too much for one office, the 34-inch MO34WQC2 or the MO34WQC with 21:9 widescreen ratio and curved design would be the better choice.

A great gaming system demands a great monitor, but even if you only play on occasion, a crisp, bright, intelligent display makes any computing task more pleasant. Your content creation or document edits will benefit from the smoothness and clarity of these QD-OLED optimized monitors. When it’s time to switch to your favorite shooter, you’ll be happy to find the tactical crosshair a keystroke away. 

Click here to learn more about what else the new AORUS and GIGABYTE gaming monitors can add to every second you’re at your screen.

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