Leave cleaning up after the cats to self-scooping litter boxes on sale for up to $300 off


Self-scooping litter boxes on orange abstract background

Cleaning out the cat’s litter box is a job no pet owner relishes. Leave it to the robots with deals on self-scooping litter boxes during Amazon Pet Day:

Best self-scooping litter box deals

Best Overall Deal

Petkit Self-Cleaning Litter Box

$418.99 at Amazon
(Save $180.01)
Petkit Self-Cleaning Litter Box on white background

Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats

Meowant Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

$399.89 at Amazon
(Save $300.10)
Meowant Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box on white background

Best Budget Litter Box Deal
PetSafe ScoopFree Crystal Smart Self-Cleaning Litter Box on white background

Everyone loves cats, but no one wants to clean the litter box. If you’re tired of all the scooping up clumps, there’s a way to automate things with a self-scooping litter box. It collects your cat’s waste and empties it into a sanitary compartment so you never have to get near it (other than when you dump it out). And you can get your own today as part of Amazon Pet Day’s ongoing sales.

Until midnight on May 8, you can save up to 40% off multiple self-scooping litter boxes starting at just $184.95. If you’re ready for a change, it’s time to shop.

Check out our picks for the best litter boxes on offer below.

Best overall deal

Why we like it

The Petkit Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a luxurious option for any cat owner that comes with plenty of features to keep your cat comfortable and clean. It has an infrared sensor, remote alerts, and an accident protection system to make things easy for you, too. It has three cleaning modes that can be controlled via app, and it even comes with a special air purifier spray that can help keep the air nice and fresh, even when your cat has just done its business. All waste is sealed into a special bin that traps odors, and while the litter box automatically deodorizes after each use, you can also set up a special schedule on the app for when you’d like it to happen, too. This self-scooping litter box has everything you need for a clean and happy area for your favorite feline friend.

Best litter box for multiple cats

Why we like it

The Meowant Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is an excellent option for multiple cat owners, and it’s also a great self-scooping option in general. In addition to looking like some sort of space-age pod, it has 10 different sensors that can detect when your cats approach and use the litter box, which means if it’s in the middle of cleaning, it will stop and wait for your cat to finish up. It’s also plenty large enough to hold multiple cats’ waste. When it does so, it sends all of that nastiness into a separate waste bin that can be filtered out and then disposed of on your schedule.

It’s super quiet, and its electric door is large enough for even bigger cats to get in if they need to go. You can also control the litter box with its accompanying app as well, and there’s a wide variety of features to make it even more palatable for your discerning cats.

Best budget litter box deal

Why we like it

The PetSafe ScoopFree Crystal Smart Self-Cleaning Litter Box is an affordable smart solution that connects via app so you can see when it needs to be cleaned even when you’re away from home. It can be set to run through an automatic cleaning cycle every 20 minutes and can detect when your cat is finished doing its business with sensors that know when your cat enters and leaves the box. It only needs to be changed out once a month, which could be a life-changing timeline for a cat owner used to scooping every day.

Thanks to other connected features like usage alerts and other health-based information that lets you know how your cat is doing, you can even keep your finger on the pulse of your beloved fur friend’s health.

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