‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2, episode 4: Who is Alyn, and why might he be important?


A man in medieval clothing stands on a dock.

A new season of House of the Dragon usually means a few new faces — and while none of the new characters in Season 2 have had huge roles to play yet, there are a couple who certainly fall into the “ones to watch” category.

One of the new guys getting a fair bit of screen time? Alyn (Abubaker Salim), a sailor working on Lord Corlys’ (Steve Toussaint’s) Velaryon fleet. But who exactly is he, and why might he be important?

Who is Alyn?

Alyn is first introduced to us in House of the Dragon Season 2, episode 1, when the Sea Snake himself heads down to the docks to meet him.

“They tell me that you’re the one that dragged my body out of the sea,” Corlys says, which Alyn confirms. Both seem a little awkward about the whole interaction, but Corlys makes it clear that he’s in Alyn’s debt before leaving.

We also learn that Alyn has a brother, Addam (Clinton Liberty), who is a shipwright.

Two men in medieval clothing stand talking to each other on a dock.

Addam (Clinton Liberty) and Alyn (Abubaker Salim).
Credit: Ollie Upton / HBO

Why might Alyn be important?

Clearly Alyn is getting screen time for a reason, but that reason doesn’t start to emerge until Season 2, episode 4. This time it’s Rhaenys (Eve Best) who also pays a visit to the docks, pulling Alyn aside and telling him she’s heard he saved her husband’s life.

“But I was not told his saviour was so comely,” she adds. “Your mother must have been very beautiful.”

Again, Alyn seems awkward about the whole thing. Rhaenys appears to be a mixture of stern and sad. When their meeting is interrupted by Corlys, we start to get an idea why that might be.

“I just had a word with your captains. He was the sailor who plucked you from your watery grave,” Rhaenys says to Corlys after Alyn has left them.

“I know who he is, Corlys. Alyn’s past is no fault of his. He saved his lord’s life, he should be raised up and honoured, not hidden beneath the tides.”

There’s obviously more to Alyn than first meets the eye. Given Rhaenys’ pointed comment about the beauty of his mother, as well as what she says to Corlys about knowing who Alyn is, our best bet is that he’s Lord Corlys’ son — and that his mother is someone the Lord had an affair with during his time at sea.

As for what will happen to Alyn next? Maybe he’ll be given a key role in the upcoming war, helping led Corlys’ fleet into battle.

New episodes of House of the Dragon air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and Max.

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