4 AI travel concierge services that’ll help plan your next vacation


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Thanks to the explosion in popularity of generative artificial intelligence, a whole range of products have sprung up dedicated to solving problems you didn’t know you had with the help of algorithms and chatbots, and one of those is the “problem” of planning a vacation.

AI travel concierge services are a fresh industry that exists in the same vein as AI apartment-hunting and fitness planner tools. Normal tasks that we could perform ourselves — or are usually outsourced to human professionals — but are now given to “AI” ’cause that’s the hot new thing on the block. Sure, you could ask ChatGPT for help, and many probably do, but these tools have been specifically crafted to be more helpful than that.

So we’ve gathered four helpful AI travel planners for your next trip. While helpfulness may vary between services, you should at least have these on your radar when it comes time to plan your next trip.


Back in April 2023, the popular travel booking site Expedia announced its partnership with OpenAI, and a ChatGPT-powered chatbot for its app.

Users can engage with ChatGPT in the Expedia app for personalized suggestions on destinations, accommodations, transportation, and activities. Additionally, the chatbot enhances the experience by automatically saving recommended hotels to your favorites during the conversation.

Expedia is one of a few larger booking sites that are working with OpenAI. Kayak and Trip Advisor also have their own GPT-powered services.


Wanderboat is a community-focused travel planning service where travelers can share their experiences, tips, and reviews. Like other concierge chatbots, Wanderboat’s AI-powered tool leverages the power of a large language model to offer personalized recommendations for destinations, activities, accommodations, and dining.

The chatbot is surprisingly in-depth, although its plans are limited to trip lengths of just seven days. Additionally, the platform features interactive maps, itinerary management, and travel tips designed to streamline the travel planning process.

Trip Planner AI

Trip Planner AI is a simpler tool than others on this list, with the most notable exclusion being a chatbot. Instead, the site will have you answer a few questions like where are you going, for how long, what days, and with how many people (are you friends, a couple, or family?).

It’ll also ask you about your budget and if you’ll be eating all three meals of the day or not. After that, it’ll generate an itinerary including places to eat, sights to see, and even hotels you can book along with prices for everything. It’s quite intuitive considering how limited its functionality is, particularly compared to other itinerary AIs.


Lastly, Layla AI is another travel planner chatbot that adds a friendly face to your vacation planning. Like other chatbots on this list, talking with Layla will help to personalize recommendations on where to travel, and what to see there. Plus, it can help you book flights, hotels, and activities.

However, right off the bat this software was kind of invasive and is slow to use. When I asked the chatbot to “inspire me where to go” it already knew my location was set in Austin, TX, and offered suggestions on activities near me. The site never asked my permission to use my location, and took a full two minutes to process my request. It also occasionally hallucinated, as chatbots tend to do. So keep that in mind if you want to use Layla AI.

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